Roof Inspections:

Roof inspectionIf you need a roof inspection we can help give you a overview of the roof and the conditions. With our inspections there is no conflict of interest since we do not perform any repairs. We are trained to look at the condition of the roof covering, decking, framing, ventilation, flashing and identify areas at risk for leaks and failure. We can also identify the approximate remaining life of the roof covering and components.We inspection steep and low sloped roofs what ever your needed.

The roof shingles or roof covering is the umbrella for the house or building. Its purpose is to keep the rain and weather out when in good condition and properly installed. We will access any roof within our skill level and that is safely accessible for the inspector and won't result in damage to the roof covering. There are multiple types of roof covering materials from asphalt, composite, metal, slate, wood and many newer green synthetic materials. We will inspect the roof when accessible, evaluate the conduction and evaluate the overall installation and workmanship. We will directly access many roof and with some we may utilize our drone. As with our report we will document the roof condition with photographs for your records. With an extensive background in roofing and a certification from CertainTeed for a Master Shingle Applicator, we bring experience to the inspection.