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Condominium Inspection, inspected by Showalter Property Consultants in Maryland

Condominium Inspection

We offer a customized inspection for your condominium needs. Condo maintenance costs vary according to which parts are owned and maintained by the homeowner and which are the responsibility of the building owner, such as the roof, windows and the exterior. It is important to determine where your maintenance requirements and liabilities begin and end,including the roof, siding, windows and even termite/pest treatment.

We will also identify potential fire suppression, as identified in some class action lawsuits. FRT plywood failure was once common in some condos and townhomes. We will report on the condition and identify the presence of any separation. Firewalls have changed over time. An older building may not meet current industry standards, though it met the local requirements at the time of construction.

Some condos have common areas that may be beyond the scope of the inspection. However we may report on common areas if we identify issues of concern. 

Note: If your condo has rooftop access to mechanical equipment, please arrange for access prior to the inspection. This may require a key.