New Home Construction, Pre-Drywall, One Year Walk Through InspectionsNew home and predrywall inspections Showalter Property Consultants in Maryland

Showalter Property Consultants can perform a new home construction inspection for you in the  greater Baltimore, Annapolis, Eastern Shore of Maryland  areas.

These usually consist of a pre-drywall inspection a final walk through one one year buider's warranty inspection for repair and punch out items.

Predrywall Inspection

With the pre-drywall we look for significant framing defects, proper exterior door and window installation and operation and evaluation of the overall condition of the building envelope including any house wrap and exterior flashing details .We use an 8' level to identify bowed studs, improperly modified framing that do not meet industry standard.

By letting the builder know ahead of time we are performing these inspections on your behalf it may help ensure they do an even better job knowing someone if coming in behind them and their sub -contractors. We offer a framing, window, exterior door and VDR (TYVEK or similar) house wrap inspection. If these are not properly installed water intrusion can occur.

predrywall with housewrap Showalter Property Consultants in MarylandThe Final Walk Through on a New Home Inspection

This inspection includes a punch list for some cosmetics and we inspect to the standards set by the National Association of Home builders (NAHB) using their performance guidelines. We report on the overall workmanship and potential defects that can affect the use of some of the systems or components.

Due to the unpredictable site conditions it is always advisable to let the builder know ahead of time we are coming and to verify the house is ready for us. If we show up before the house is ready  it could be a waste of time and money. Also it is a good idea for you to bring shoes in case of muddy conditions and clean shoes or covering for indoor use. As with  all inspections bring a pad of paper and feel free to ask questions and take any notes you want. 

A new home inspection from Showalter Property Consultants will help to ensure that you are getting the home built with an independent representation on your behalf. We have extensive experience with new home construction and even performed arbitration for new homes.

There are multiple new energy codes we have an understanding of. The inspection can include an energy and weatherization inspection. This would include draft stop, foaming and the overall insulation.

New home inspection Showalter Property Consultants in MarylandOne Year Walk Through Builder's Warranty Inspections

Many builders offer a one year walk through to address cosmetic as well and other areas of more significant concerns. Ask your builder what they are willing to correct. Some builders will touch up drywall and paint if you don’t change the paint colors. What our inspectors are trained to look for goes beyond many of the codes which are a minimal threshold we also look at  many manufacturer's installation requirements as well as acceptable building practices.

Client Review

"My husband and I are very pleased with the home inspection that Steve performed on our 1 year old home. He was thorough, informative and very pleasant to work with. He takes pride in his work. We also appreciated every bit of advice given. I would recommend Steve to my family and friends and anyone looking for a home inspection."
Saffana Carson