Log Home Inspection:

There are many types of log homes. We have inspected contemporary log homes, splined with gaskets, as well as historic log cabins with old-fashioned chinking. some logs homes are milled with square edges, some are peeled, some are built from dimensional lumber such as 2x6s, some have a log lap siding installed. Regardless all log homes will require routine and ongoing maintenance. We have experienced and have been trained how to properly inspect log homes due to their nuances and how the structure and maintenance are commonly quite different from conventional framing.

Log homes require a proper inspection by an inspector with experience specific to log homes. Depending on location, some log homes may be at greater risk for air, water and wind-driven rain intrusions. We perform an inspection of the condition of the logs and chinking or gaskets where visible and accessible. We will educate you about some of the inherent characteristics of log homes, looking for common log “checking”, common shrinkage of the logs and areas at risk and that will require ongoing maintenance. Checking is where the grain of the wood cracks across the wood grain rings, usually along sections of the length of the board or timber where there is shake separation in the wood grain. Upward facing checks are at risk for water intrusion. Cracks across the grain may be more of a structural concern.

Log homes typically experience expansion and contraction as well as compression. Common concerns with log homes include insect damage, water damage to the logs, water intrusion and ground contact. Preventive maintenance of the logs, chinking and storm water control is paramount to promote the life of the log home. We will also help you to understand ways to maintain the log home to help ensure the log home has a long and serviceable life.

You should plan on getting a routine inspection and maintenance of your log home and perform routine maintenance to help ensure the long life of your log home, keep it beautiful, and in good condition.


Log Home Inspection Maryland Close-up of a corner of an old wooden house with round logs Log home interior inspection