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Radon Testing

Radon Testing Maryland electornic recon radon test, inspected by Showalter Property Consultants in Maryland

IAC2 logo radon mold1 180x180Radon is an odorless, colorless gas that can enter into homes and buildings through cracks or other openings in the foundation. Radon testing is the only way to determine radon levels in the home and mitigate potential risks. Investing in radon testing is an important step to protect the health of your family and ensure a safe living environment.

We utilize the state of the art Rad Elec Recon and femto-TECH Continuous Radon Monitors.
Whether for short or long-term radon assessment, we provide extremely accurate testing. Short term tests are left at your home for only 48 hours. After that, we pick up the test and will have the results the same day.Long-term tests require 60-90 days. A long-term radon test offers amore accurate assessment of radon levels, as it follows fluctuations in the levels over time.Continuous Radon Monitor Technical Specifications Rad Elec Recon uses two independent photodiodes (each enclosed in an electrically conductive chamber). Alpha particles from radon decay are detected by these photodiodes.
femto-TECH is a pulse ionization chamber. Combined sensitivity of approximately 13.5 counts per hour per pCi/L.Procedures

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Radon Levels for Maryland

Femtotech radon and indoor air quality testingRadon Facts:

According to the EPA, all homes in the US should be tested.
All houses with basements should be tested. Houses on slabs cand houses with crawlspaces are also at risk. According to the EPA, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.
According to the EPA a smoker has a 10x higher risk for lung cancer than a non-smoker.
Contact Showalter Property Consultants today to learn more about radon testing and inspections. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, combined with decades of industry experience to guarantee accurate radon levels in your home. Showalter Property Consultants is the radon specialist you can trust.

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