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Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Testing Maryland

Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Testing - Maryland

IAC2 logo radon mold1 The indoor air quality testing we perform can help you make your home a healthier place to live. Indoor environmental contaminants can include naturally occurring compounds such as mold and radon gas, mechanical contaminants such as carbon monoxide carbon dioxide CO2, as well as building product contaminants including, VOC from paints and carpets, formaldehyde, or asbestos.

Showalter Property Consultants can help you investigate some of these environmental concerns and help guide you toward the solutions. We offer testing for residential, industrial, restaurants, schools, office buildings, and hospitals.

Showalter Property Consultants offers indoor air quality testing services

  1. Radon Testing, Continuous Radon Monitors
  2. Mold Testing and Investigation
  3. Carbon Monoxide Testing, CO
  4. Allergen Screening
  5. Carbon Dioxide Testing, CO2
  6. Asbestos (air and bulk samples)
  7. VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds and Formaldehyde Testing
  8. Indoor Air Quality Testing: General indoor air quality testing including our all in one test with state of the art continuous indoor air quality monitor which can test for radon, VOCs, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Humidity and some other useful parameters.
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