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Questions for potential home inspectorQuestions for Potential Home Inspector, Showalter Property Consultants

  1. How long has the inspector been conducting home inspections?
    Showalter Property Consultants,  Since 1988

  2. How many home inspections have they performed? 
    Showalter Property Consultants, We have performed over 18,000

  3. How long does their average inspection take? 
    Showalter Property Consultants, We typically take 2.5-3.5 hours, depending on the size and condition of the property this can vary.

  4. Do they use a “1,000 square foot an hour” as a loose rule of thumb? 
    Showalter Property Consultants, We may, depending on the condition of the property

  5. Does the inspector access the roof or just view it from the ground? 
    Showalter Property Consultants, We directly accesses all roofs that we can safely walk on or we use our drone within non-restricted drone areas, We try to gain access to all roofs when possible.

  6. Does the inspector remove the dead front on the electrical panel? 
    Showalter Property Consultants, We remove all dead fronts when safely accessible.

  7. What is the home inspector's experience and background for being a home inspector? 
    Showalter Property Consultants, Mr. Showalter was a contractor and carpenter and has been a home inspector for 35 years.

  8. Can the client accompany the inspector during the inspection? 
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We encourage the client to ask questions and stay with us throughout the inspection, except for the roof access.

  9. When do you get the report?
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We usually provide a report within 24 hours depending on the property size and condition.

  10. What kind of report will you receive?
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We provide a customized computer-generated checklist or narrative with photos, a summary and preventive maintenance recommendations.

  11. Does the inspector carry insurance?  
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We carry general liability as well as E&O insurance.

  12. What credentials do they currently hold? 
    Showalter Property Consultants,  (Showalter Property Consultants; Link)

  13. Are they full members of ASHI or NACHI? 
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We hold the highest membership level in both ASHI and NACHI as well as some other credentials.

  14. Are they properly licensed in Maryland?
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We have a Maryland State Home Inspector License #29634

  15. Does the home inspector maintain the required continuing education training? 
    Showalter Property Consultants,  Our inspectors meet Maryland State, ASHI and NACHI CEU requirements.

  16.  Does the home inspector have any personal history or interest in the property being inspected? 
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We will promptly disclose any history of or prior knowledge about homes we inspect. We do not inspect any property we deem to be a conflict.

  17. Does the home inspector personally know the owners of the property?
    Showalter Property Consultants,  We will promptly disclose any history of  or prior knowledge about any home and will not inspect any property we deem to be a conflict.

    Client Recommendation: The client should interview any potential home inspector to verify their qualifications to perform a proper home inspection. The inspector’s qualifications should include hands-on experience in construction or architecture and a true understanding of the building’s structure and components. (Showalter Property Consultants; Link)

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