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Mold Testing, Investigations & ERMI Testing

Mold Testing & Investigation, inspected by Showalter Property Consultants in Marylandmold logo 180x180Showalter Property Consultants offers Mold Assessments and Investigations throughout most of the Maryland, Eastern Shore, DC and Baltimore areas. We offer Mold Air and Surface Sampling as well as ERMI, Mold DNA testing. We will perform a site assessment and investigation of the building and based on the findings we can perform various types of testing or sampling as well as offer recommendations and solutions for remediation.

Stephen Showalter was a co-founder of IESO (Indoor Environmental Standards Organization) for mold testing. We offer several testing methods for mold including the following, each is a valuable tool to help to determine if mold if present.

ERMI Testing

The ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) test is a DNA-based mold identification tool developed by scientists at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Air Sampling for Mold

Air sampling consists of drawing a known amount of air over a cassette with a slide inside. The slide is sent off to an accredited lab for evaluation. Air testing consists of a minimum of two samples; one inside and one outside. The more air samples we take the more information as to all areas throughout the house. A single test will only tell you about the mold spores in the immediate vicinity of the air test.

Wall Cavity Sampling for Mold

An air sample with a small access hole through the surface of a wall. A small volume of air is drawn to help determine if there are any mold spores in any given wall cavity.

Surface Sampling for Mold

Surface sampling is fairly straight forward where we utilize swab, tape lifts or bulk samples of suspect areas which are then sent off to an accredited lab.

mold growth

Viable Sampling for Mold

An air sample is taken over a specific agar or culture and sent of the lab for culture and Speciation of the mold sample.

MVOCs, Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds Sampling

Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs) may cause a hard-to-detect mold odor or feel to some. We utilize a "whole home" air sample along with a viable sample to help to determine if MVOCs are present in the air.

These are not detected by typical mold in air sampling. Some molds may produce MVOCs depending on conditions, such as if they are viable. MVOCs can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizziness, memory issues, brain fog, and fatigue and may be implicated in some neurological problems. MVOCs may also irritate the eyes and the mucus membranes of the nose and throat. Often these molds go undetected because it's a presence behind drywall or underneath the flooring. ​

There are certain limitations to mold sampling and testing so please consult with us before deciding. Mold are a moisture indicating organism that needs moisture (or humidity), food and air. Molds pose a concern for health related issues and wood destroying fungus.

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