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Mold is not always in your home!

Mold and fungus on a row of car seats that have remained unused for several monthsPeople spend more time at home these days and in their cars and other vehicles. We have had some recent clients where we discovered mold in their vehicles, boats, and RVs. Mold can get into these locations from leaks around seals, gaskets, and condensate drains leaking. Boats and RVs may have plumbing leaks that cause dampness and can promote mold growth.

Routine inspection and maintenance of gaskets, seals, plumbing connections, and condensate drains can help prevent mold from occurring. There are also some vehicles on the market that have been in storm-related damage and flooding. Check the history of the vehicle to see if there is any water-related damage in its history. Even a wrecked car may sit outside while being repaired, resulting in water intrusion. These vehicles and boats can be tested for mold and even abated if needed. Don’t forget to rule out your workplace, as you may spend quite a bit of time there. Remember, you are the canary in the coal mine, so keep an eye on how your body responds in differing environments and locations.

If you are reading this and have any questions about a home you’re looking at as a home buyer, please feel free to contact us. We try to be a resource for buyers, sellers, homeowners, and the real estate industry. Be safe and happy house hunting.

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