Swimming Pool Inspection Maryland JackHi all,
Don’t shoot the messenger, but eventually, the thoughts of closing the “ol’ swimmin’ hole” will surface. Any listing agents with pool listings may want to run by the sellers the idea of getting their own inspection performed before the pool is winterized and the cover goes on. Since they own the report, they can present it to prospective buyers, and alleviate obvious concerns when the pool is inaccessible. Make sense?
Until then, SWIM ON!

Jack’s Pool Tip of the Week

Some will find themselves in a revolving bout with clearing water, only to see it turn green again within a day, or two.  They get it clear, and back to green.

One answer could be easier than a water sample to check sanitizer level or throwing shock at it.  That is…have you cleaned your skimmer baskets and Polaris bag?

If not cleaned at least every other day, they are essentially organic matter “tea bags”, just steeping away in your 30k gallon tea cup. 😊

So, if your Polaris bag has a green color in the seams…you need to clean it more often.  Have a great weekend!

Dive in!