Dock/Pier And Bulkhead Inspections:



  Dock/Piers: Commercial & Residential

  • The condition of the piles (where visible)
  • We use underwater cameras to look under the surface of the pier and down the pilings when the water is not too turbid. 
  • The framed structure
  • The bolting methods
  • The decking and condition
  • Transitions
  • Materials used
  • Trip concerns
  • The overall structural condition
  • Plumbing (when present)
  • Electrical (when present)
  • Boat lifts (when present)


  • The overall condition
  • The materials
  • Signs of any visible failure
  • Adjacent sink holes

For the Client:
Please verify that all of the systems are turned on including water and electricity to the dock or we will not be able to operate or evaluate these systems.

 Dock Inspection Services

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Pier InspectionDock Inspection Services