Log Home Inspection

Log Home Inspection:loghome

There are many types of log homes. We have inspected contemporary splined with gaskets as well as historic log cabins with old fashioned chinking. Log homes require inspection by an inspector with experience performing visual inspections on log homes. Depending on the location some log home may be at greater risk for water intrusion and wind driven rain intrusion. We perform a limited inspection of the condition of the logs and chinking or gaskets where visible. There are some areas that may have a higher risk of water damage.

We will educate you about some of the inherent characteristics of log homes and common log checking from checking that may be of concern and in some log homes allow for water intrusion. Checking is where the grain of the wood cracks across the wood grain rings usually along a sections of the length of the board where shaking is separation of the wood grain. Upward facing checks are at risk for water intrusion. Cracking is a crack across the grain which may be structural. Log homes typically experience expansion and contraction which is common with log home and post and beam homes. Some common concerns with log homes include inspect damage including bee damage, water damage to the logs, water intrusion and ground contact. Preventive maintenance of the logs, chinking and storm water control is paramount to promote the life of the log home. We will also help you to understand tannin based stains from molds and fungus.

You should plan on getting on a routine inspecting your log home and performing routine maintenance to help ensure a log life of your log home to keep it beautiful and in good condition.