Condominium Inspection

condo2Condominium Inspection

With condominium inspections we offer an inspection for your specific needs. Condos very in what parts are owned and maintained by the home owner. It is important to determine for your own benefit were your maintenance requirements and liabilities begin and end, these include, the roof, siding, windows and even termite treatment.

We will also identify if there is fire suppression as some have been in class action lawsuits. FRT plywood failure was common with some condos and townhomes and we will report on the condition and presence of any firebreaks. Firewalls have change overtime so an older building may not meet current industry standard but met the local requirements at the time of construction.

Some condos also have common areas that may be out of the scope of the inspection however we may report on some of these areas if in our opinion present a concern to the client. Some condos may have rooftop access to mechanical equipment, it would advisable to arrange for access prior to the inspection as access and a key may be necessary.