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Showalter Property Consultants performs inspections on Commercial Buildings these include residential zoned commercial, light commercial and industrial.

Showalter Property Consultants holds membership in the, Certified Commercial Property Inspector Association.

Our commercial building inspection portfolio includes medical buildings, warehouse spaces, service stations, office buildings, churches, golf courses, bed and breakfasts, bars, stables, banks, strip mall shopping centers, retails stores, apartments and restaurants.

What we inspect with commercial building inspection is similar to a home inspection (see Maryland standards); we evaluate all accessible structural, roof coverings, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. We typically do not inspect building fixtures such as restaurant equipment, service station lifts and equipment, medical equipment, etc. For these you should hire a specialist. Depending on you location may also need to have the fire marshal evaluate the building for fire escape markings, properly placed and documented fire extinguishers, and other life and safety devices. Check with your local municipalities for regulations and requirement.

With commercial building inspections we will need access to all areas such as tenant occupied units, roof top accesses and mechanical rooms, many times these areas will require help with access as they may be locked. Any tenants should be advised of the inspection. You may want to consider an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act.) inspection. Some of these requirements can include wheelchair accessibility, door levers, wheelchair accessible lavatories, etc. Also you may want to consider a Phase 1 Inspection for potentially buried USTs and other environmental hazards by a specialist as we do not offer these services.

Please provide us with as much information as possible for us to be able to provide an estimate for inspection services. If you have a listing, address or photographs that can help us provide an accurate estimate. The age of the building(s) and square footage can help as well as the use of the building and a floor plan when possible. It is also helpful for us to know the construction methods, such as masonry, wood or metal if known.

 We follow the NACHI Commercial Property Inspection Standards of Practice