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Swimming Pool Inspections

Swimming Pool Inspection, inspected by Showalter Property Consultants in MarylandShowalter Property Consultants offers our unique Swimming Pool Inspection Services for our clients with in-ground Concrete and Vinyl Swimming Pools. We offer a comprehensive report on the condition of the pool and systems. We encourage you to be present so our inspectors can educate you about the pool and maintenance. We use underwater cameras to look at the shell or liner to help identify concerns not visible from the pool deck. To ensure we can do a complete inspection be sure to have the pool uncovered, all systems turned on and running and verity that the water is clear for us to be able to evaluate the shell or liner. We do not offer repairs on any of the systems so there is no conflict of interest for what we inspect and report on.

For the Client

Please verify that the pool is uncovered and up and running. If the pool is winterized we cannot perform a proper pool inspection and we do not uncover any pools due to certain liability risks. Please make sure if there are any remote controls they are available to the inspector. If there are any out of the way controls our inspector will need access. If there are any controls inside the home ask the seller for the location and access for the inspector.

Swimming Pool Inspection ,inspected by Showalter Property Consultants in MarylandWe report on visible conditions of

  • The shell
  • The coping
  • The deck adjacent to the pool
  • The deck drains
  • Safety concerns
  • The condition of the equipment
  • The pool drain (safety concerns)
  • The fence enclosure
  • The lights
  • GFCI protection
  • Electrical bonding
  • The pool heater when present 

Dog in the Pool, inspected by Showalter Property Consultants in MarylandWhy many pool companies refer us for Swimming Pool Inspections instead of doing them themselves.

1. They view it as a conflict of interest. They feel it unfair to both the buyer and seller for them to be involved.

2. They are simply too busy to respond to requests less than 2-3 weeks away. They have hundreds of pools to get open in a few short weeks.

3. The request from a prospective buyer or realtor puts them in a precarious situation with THEIR customer, the seller. The prospective deal could fall through and they end up with an angry long time customer.

4. Many just service and maintain pools...keep them clean, not necessarily inspect them or even build them. Two different skill sets and expectations. Would you take a possible car purchase to a detailer for evaluation, or a mechanic? (Some of the electrical issues are out of their licensed abilities.)

5. They usually get the calls to quote on the necessary repairs and recommendations, as we just inspect but do no service or repairs. They get the benefit of our efforts without the frustration.

Call us for your pool inspections, we'd love to help. We have the construction experience and keep your clients happy.