Inspection Gallery

Inspection Findings:

Tile bad job


The ceramic tile was installed upside down...








 Old electrical panel knife switches

An old knife disconnect panel from a hisotric home.





Roof shingles improper installation

The roof shingles were not staggered and are missing the underlayment (felt paper)






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These types of drains need to be rpelaced with an anti-vortex drain to prevent children from being held down under water..





Frozen compressor


Sustained frozen compressor units need to be serviced. This is not operation properly and running in this condition can result in damage to the unit.





 Aluminium wiring

Solid strand aluminum wiring, should have all connections throughout the house evaluated due to the risk for fire. Refer to CPSC PDF





 Epoxy repairAn epoxy repair at the poured concrete foundation.





 Burned aluminum wiring

Burned wires from improper aluminum wiring connections.







Failing roof shingles


Failing roof shingles excessive granular loss.




Roof shingles wind damage


Wind damage from shingles not properly sealing down.





Spliced knob and tube wiring


Spliced knob and tube wiring, which is a non grounded antiquated wiring system. This wiring should also not be buried in insulation.






Loose tub supply


Pre-drywall inspection loose tub spigot stub out.






Loose protection


Pre-drywall inspection tub need protection from constructed related damage.






Failing atlas roof shingles


Failing atlas roof shingles excessive surface cracking.






Failing vent collar


Failing plumbing vent collar.